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About the site

The Black Bank WIKI continues as always. Most of the exam related materials on this site are now within the Black Bank.

This site provides a large interactive resource of materials for anesthesia trainees. The major parts of the site are the Black Bank Wiki (containing exam questions & comments), the Bulletin Board, and several on-line books. Access to all parts of the site is free.

2020 Gold Coast PRIMARY COURSE - OPEN for Registration

The Gold Coast Primary Short Course is now in its 5th year. The course is now OPEN for registration.

The course is full-time from Mon 02 November to Fri 13 November (inclusive). The course is held at the Gold Coast University Hospital. Cost is AUD$550. Course convenor is Dr Gemma Duncan; Assistant Convenor is Dr Kerry Brandis. Payment is via a secure payment facility to the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation. Course queries can be directed to Natasha.Wass@health.qld.gov.au (Anaesthetic Department secretary). Additional course details are on the Black Bank wiki.

Registration link for the November 2020 Course: REGISTER HERE

COVID-19 has caused delays. However, IF there are border closures, travel restrictions/difficulty or limits on numbers of people who can meet in a venue which are still in place in November then we will have to follow all guidelines; this may result in course cancellation or you being unable to get here. It is too uncertain to know what will happen but things are coming under control at present, so we have decided to go ahead. SO: IF the course is cancelled OR you cannot attend for any reason THEN all course fees will be REFUNDED IN FULL (no questions asked).

The Black Bank Wiki requires username/password for access

This has proven to be an effective way of preventing spam postings. The username and password are the SAME as used for the Bulletin Board. See the section below titled "Bulletin Board Access" for access details.

The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board was once very active but is now pretty much inactive. It is planned to remove it when the site is next upgraded. You have to register to be able to make posts to the Board. You will have to enter a username and password (of your choice) to register, and then to log-on each time you want to post on the Board. After registering, you will receive a verification message sent to the email address you enter.

Note that the Board uses a 'double log-in' procedure:

  • Firstly you log on using the generic username and password as explained in the next section. Everyone uses these SAME details to enter the Board. This login is the anti-spam measure.
  • Secondly, if you then wish to make a post to the Board you have to use your individual private username and password. The individual log-in identifies you to the Board. Other users can send private messages to you on the Board. You can set your browser to remember your log-on details so you do not have to enter them every time.

The OLD Bulletin Board from 2006-2007 can still be accessed here if you want to review or search old posts.

Bulletin Board Access (and for Black Bank Wiki Access)

Access requires a username & password. This is an anti-Spam measure which has proven very successful. The log-in details are requested only the first time you access the Board in any browser session. These required details are:

  • Username: Just enter the word that is in this graphic:
  • Password: The password is the generic drug name that is the answer to the following question: "What halogenated volatile-agent in the 60s caused problems due to HePToX?" The question is cryptic to obscure the answer from spammers. The first time you log-in from your computer, check the "Remember my password" box.

If you are having difficulty with the above password, then try asking Anaesthetic colleagues at your hospital for advice.

PayPal for Overseas Purchasers

You can purchase "The Physiology Viva" book using PayPal if purchasing from outside Australia. See the Payment Details page for further information. Payment in Australian dollars is now required for all orders.

The Black Black Wiki

The Black Bank MCQ Collection is available on a Wiki site. The main purpose of the wiki is to allow sharing of knowledge about the exam questions and any related topic. The wiki was launched in late September 2005, the wiki has grown to over 4900 "legitimate content pages", and there have been over 11.8 million page views in the 10 years 2005-2015. Please assist by contributing to the wiki. This is an essential resource for your Anaesthetic education and exam preparation.


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