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'The Physiology Viva'

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Acid-Base Physiology
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About the site

This site provides a large interactive resource of materials for anesthesia trainees. The major parts of the site are the Black Bank Wiki (containing exam questions & comments), and several on-line books. Access to all parts of the site is FREE.

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2022 Gold Coast Primary Short Course

This is the 7th year of the Gold Coast Primary Short Course. Registration for the 2022 course is now OPEN.

Dates: Monday 7th to Friday 18th November 2022(incl). The course is 2 weeks full-time at the Gold Coast University Hospital.
Eddie Daher is the Course Convenor; Kerry Brandis is Assistant Course Convenor.
Cost is AUD$600.
Mastercard or Visa payments accepted.
To register, login in to the Black Bank Wiki and click on the link to the Course page.

The program for the course consists of a mix of presentation/tutorial sessions AND exam practice sessions. Of note, there are a couple of trial MCQ papers under 'exam conditions'.

Anaesthetic MCQ Collections

The Black Bank MCQ Collection is available on the Wiki. The main purpose of the wiki is to allow sharing of knowledge about the exam questions and any related topic. The wiki was first started in September 2005.

Acid-Base Physiology

This is an on-line introductory text on acid-base physiology, starting from basic concepts and including many worked clinical examples using a structured assessment process. The text was independently reviewed in 2006 by the American Thoracic Society for their 'Best of the Web' series. The text was rated four and a half stars (out of 5) and shared equal top ranking. (Their link has since been taken down.) Another US site gives the text a 5 star rating.



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